The Analog Sea Review #4


Around these poles this award-winning and universally praised journal aims to represent a community of writers and artists ‘wishing to maintain contemplative life in the digital age.’ Yes, this is a true print enterprise located firmly in offline culture – we had to write a letter to the publisher to secure our first copies. And we’re glad we did, because this pocket collection of ingeniously interlinked essays, interviews, stories, and images is indeed a tonic for anyone seeking shelter from the multi-channel bombast that feels institutional to 21st century daily life.

So, after a two year wait, we’re over the moon to have a new release. Brimming with superlative content sensitively sourced from a host of historical and contemporary writers, artists, musicians, critics and thinkers drawn from a range of disciplines, the fourth volume of The Analog Sea Review features Johannes Brahms, Carl Honoré, Paul Simon, LeRoi Jones, Joan Didion, Eimear McBride, Hannah Arendt, Pablo Picasso, Leonard Cohen, Rebecca Solent, Jon Savage, André Gregory, Toni Morrison, Donna Tartt, Shunryū Suzuki, Cornel West, Virginia Woolf, among many others.


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